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In a 7 page paper (double-spaced, Time New Roman, 12pt, APA format, with abstrac


In a 7 page paper (double-spaced, Time New Roman, 12pt, APA format, with abstract and cover page that DO NOT COUNT as part of the page parameters), identify a type of deviance that was not always or is no longer considered deviant, OR, you may compare and contrast a type of deviance that is both deviant and normative simultaneously, depending on the community in which it exists, is being observed or is practiced. You may select a topic that is currently in transition, such as gender identification. You are not limited to current issues nor are you geographically limited to the United States. You must provide an historical context for its evolution or its contemporaneous conflicting labeling. You must use at least three different theories of deviance to explain its journey to or from normative and deviant behavior. You must use at least four peer reviewed journal articles and/or books (articles from the assigned readings DO NOT COUNT!!!), and at least two studies (yes, they count toward journal articles or books) that include at least one quantitative and one qualitative analysis. If you use a study that straddles quantitative and qualitative analyses, it counts as only one, but you may select which type of analysis. I chose “Explicit Music Lyrics” as the topic and decided that it remains to be a deviance. Please look at what I have so far in my paper. Feel free to eliminate the messy parts that make no sense. Sociology theories we have discussed which you can pick from are: Sutherland’s differential association , labeling theory, moral entrepreneurs, claims makers, Merton’s strain theory, Durkheim’s anome and functionalism, Hirshi’s social bonding theory.