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Performance Reviews (D1–W6) Participants: Many employees dread performance revie


Performance Reviews (D1–W6) Participants: Many employees dread performance reviews because salary decisions are often influenced by the outcomes. However, performance reviews can be mined for other essential information, such as the effectiveness of training programs. Consequently, the type of review implemented can determine the usefulness of the information collected by the process. By Day 3 of Week 6 Based on this week’s readings and your own academic research, respond to the following discussion questions/prompts in the Discussion 1 – Week 6 thread: • How can performance reviews be used to identify potential talent pools for succession planning? Which performance review process is most likely to provide the data needed for succession planning (e.g., balanced score cards, 360 reviews)? Compare and contrast the pros/cons of two performance review strategies. • How might diversity affect the success of knowledge management strategies? How might diversity and affirmative action initiatives be supported by performance reviews? What strategies might increase objectivity related to performance reviews? Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message.