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Please visit the site Worse Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time: https://w


Please visit the site Worse Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time: would like you to further research what exactly happened leading up to the accounting scandals, how it managed to go unnoticed, and how this has impacted certain industries today.—————————————————————————————Students are to complete a 5-full page, double spaced typed paper on past accounting scandals.
The 5 pages are strictly content. This does not include the cover page or reference page. The
paper should be formatted as follows:
i. MLA formatting throughout the content of the paper
ii. Cover page
iii. Introductory paragraph
iv. The body of the paper should cite the major research on your topic.
v. A concluding page that indicates the implications of the research, your
opinion, and how the research relates to your work life.
vi. Works Cited (minimum of 3 references)
Neither the cover page nor the reference page count toward the 5-page research paper.
Charts, graphs and long quotes should be kept to a minimum and cited properly. The paper is
due the day of the presentation. Late papers will not be accepted, under any circumstances. A
zero will be received. Parenthetical references are to support your own thoughts (70/30). 70%
independent thought/opinion/personal stories supported by 30% research. Points will be
deducted if the paper does not include 70% independent thoughts, stories, and/or opinions
supported by 30% research. A (-3) will be received, if the paper is not 70/30.
If there are no parenthetical references in the paper and only a reference page, the team will
have 6 points deducted from the paper. This is an academic, research paper. No exceptions. .doc file