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Prepare a presentation (in Powerpoint or Prezi format) as if you were teaching i


Prepare a presentation (in Powerpoint or Prezi format) as if you were teaching it to the rest of class. The presentation should be at least 8 slides.Please do not submit Google Docs.If presentation is created on Google Docs, they must be saved as a PDF and submitted as a PDF. Move BEYOND summary to critical analysis. What does this mean?The Group Presentation will be evaluated based on the WRITTEN CONTENT you provide on the Powerpoint or Prezi. Therefore, please be as specific as possible in the information you provide. Don’t assume we know what you know. ❖Requirements forPresentation:1)SLIDES 1-2: Briefly summarize the reading. (1-2 powerpoint slides).2)SLIDES 3-5: Select 3 key themes/terms highlighted in the reading. Defineand discuss the key themes/terms.Each key theme should have its own slide. 3)SLIDES 6-7: Provide applied examples to engage the class in a discussion about the readings. Below are some methods you may use (pick at least 1 method):3a) Are there media clips (tv, youtube, social media) that might provide an example of themes discussed in article? Provide the media clip and discuss how it is connected to the readings. Ask colleagues to make connections they see from the clips to the readings.Please provide the links to media inthe slides. 3b) Are there current events or a recent news article that illustrate what is being discussed? What are the connections? How can we apply the themes in your assigned article to what is going on in today’s world?Describe the connections of the current events to the readings and solicit discussion from your colleagues.Please provide the links to current event web page int he slides. 3c) Is there music that relates to the themes? Provide the link to themusicwithin the slide, provide the song lyrics, and analyze song. Discuss how it illustrates reading themes.3d) Is there a website or organization (such as a human rights or non-profit organization) addressing the themes discussed in the readings?What sorts of interventions are these organizations providing? How are they addressing the issues discussed ithe article? Please provide the links to website or organization in the slide. 4)SLIDE 8: Provide 2-3 Discussion Questions.What questions emerge for you from the readings? Are there any surprising ideas, challenging arguments, or themes that stand out to you from the readings?4a) Highlight these questions and discuss why they stood out. Ask the class to engage in discussion of these questions.Methods of presentation you may use:1)You may utilize Powerpoint or Prezi.2)Double check your slides for spelling/ grammatical errors.3)Avoid using long sentences and tons of text in a single slide.4)Incorporate images into your slides.5)Be sure to include all presenter’s names in the presentation(include a Title Slide with your full names and the title of the article you are presenting).6)If you have challenges with the reading, please contact me during online office hours to discuss concerns.
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