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Presentation Peer Review: Presenter and Participants (D2–W7) Presenter(s): By Da


Presentation Peer Review: Presenter and Participants (D2–W7) Presenter(s): By Day 7 of Week 6 Reminder: Post your 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation to the Discussion 2 – Week 7 thread. Participants: By Day 3 of Week 7 Upon review and consideration of the Presenter’s PowerPoint, and based on your own research, respond to your assigned presentation in an edited 3-paragraph, formal academic peer review. Now, position yourself in support of one of these alternatives for growth and organizational capability, and identify whether they are restricted to large organizations only, or are they readily applicable to organizations regardless of size? Explain your rationale and support your position. In your review, be sure to: Assess the conceptualization, analysis, and synthesis of key research concepts presented. Determine whether or not the presentation provides a cohesive summary of the assigned concepts with an effective evaluation of their implications for human resources. Assess whether or not the presenter made a meaningful academic argument or interpretation that demonstrated fluency with the material. Include an annotated bibliography of at least five additional resources related to the research topic. In the subject line of your reply, replace the text with “Your First Name Last Name’s Response to First Name Last Name’s Presentation” (for example, “Jeff Smith’s Response to Melissa Gore”). This will ensure it is easily identifiable by your Instructor and your colleagues. Presenter(s) and Participants: By Day 3 and 7 of Week 7 Continue the Discussion on both the Participants’ and Presenter(s)’ postings by addressing the following summative considerations that pertain specifically to the topics for this 2-week unit: In what ways do the readings, provided in this week’s Learning Resources and those identified by you and your colleagues, answer important “so what?” questions in the field of human resources? How are these readings potentially valuable for research in the field? Are there any important gaps (i.e., contradictions, arguments, disagreements, or areas of divergence) within this set of readings that point to potential topics for future research? How would you follow up to extend or explore these gaps? By Day 7 of Week 7 Looking [Back &] Ahead: This Discussion should inform your work on the final elements of your paper and flowchart, to be submitted. Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message.