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Read A Doll’s House, from the beginning of Act 2 to play conclusion.This week’s


Read A Doll’s House, from the beginning of Act 2 to play conclusion.This week’s discussion forum will focus on an aspect of our play that has always troubled audiences: Nora’s decision to leave her children behind her. Why do you think she does this? Is it a cold, callous move on her part or is her decision justified in one or more ways? Before answering, reflect well and deeply upon Nora’s character—who she was, who she became, and why. Also consider the potential fates of the children themselves if they accompanied their mother, given the different scenarios Nora might face on her own.You must post an initial response to the prompt above and respond to at least two of your peers. Each of your posts must range between 100-200 words. I look forward to sharing in your responses!Morgan Hunter Discussion #11The big picture is that Nora is leaving her kids, but she didn’t do it because she hates them or even because she truly wants to leave them. She is doing for herself so she can find out who she truly is, which from one point of view it is cruel to leave her children but it’s also cruel to herself to continue living in the household where she is emotionally abused. It would be beneficial for the children if she took them with her but it would be a bit harder for her to be able to find herself along with the responsibilty of being a single mother. If they are left with the father though, they most likely will also be emotionally abused and raised to conform to the ideals of what is socially accpetable like their father. I don’t know what the best option would be but I do know that Nora missed the time in her life when she was supposed to find herself and to be in a successful, equal relationship with a man, you need to have that self awareness so you aren’t domineered by his beliefs.Myong Tongbang Discussion #11Nora leaves her family as she knows that she doesn’t know her true mind or have thoughts and beliefs of her own. She claims that she was the “doll-child,” of her father, that she often followed his views or kept her own emotions private. Then she did precisely the same thing when she married Torvald. She needs the chance to find out what she likes and dislikes, what she likes, and if she is right or society is right. At the end of the story Nora was not justified in leaving the way she did. She made no place to find a solution for the marriage. Perhaps worse, she gave her children to a guy she considered a stranger. Her kids’ fate may be jeopardized or be full of resentment as to longing for their mother as they grow up, because having a mother or a mother figure is a great deal in shaping her kids to grow up. I do think her departure was premature because as an adult she should have tried to fix the marriage and her family however, she resorted to leaving, but I can feel Nora’s sorrow because she invested part of her life with a man who didn’t really love her as well as being treated just as a doll.