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Read “Research Starts with a Thesis Statement” in our Bad Ideas About Writing te


Read “Research Starts with a Thesis Statement” in our Bad Ideas About Writing text (Links to an external site.).
Respond: write a small paragraph sharing what “bad idea about writing” (Links to an external site.) Emily Wierszewski critiques, why it matters for a research writer, and why beginning this way affects our thinking and writing. To help you do that summary writing: What are its main ideas, how are they developed, and what do they reveal overall about effective research writing and thinking more broadly in our contemporary culture? Draw upon a line and practice citing it in text. Aim for two paragraphs, one which does the above and one which examines how this shift in approach may affect the research process for a student writer and a thinking person generally. How does this chapter relate to any past research coursework you’ve done? What do you think you may want to research? We’ll be developing research questions next week. Read the comic “Rat Park (Links to an external site.),” which chronicles a pair of research studies on rats to better understand addiction. The original study isolates a rat to better understand how it develops and responds to addiction and the second critiques the original study’s thesis-based approach. What did you think of this comic? What stands out to you about it and what lessons can we learn as a very rich nation? (Be specific and work with the text.) .doc file