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READING ASSIGNMENT: When the West Teaches The EastThis is a dense reading, but y


READING ASSIGNMENT: When the West Teaches The EastThis is a dense reading, but you do not have to memorize every small detail. You should be reading to understand the main ideas and concepts the author is trying to convey. You should understand the differences between individualist and collectivist cultures and between high-context and low-context cultures. You should also pay attention to the examples of incidents listed in Appendix A. Try to think about why these intercultural conflicts occurred and how they can be resolved. You may have already encountered cultural differences in the classroom while studying remotely. You may also encounter different cultural differences once you are able to enter the US and study in person. The purpose of this reading is to help you recognize cultural conflicts that you may experience when they occur. This may help you to understand what and why it’s happening and you may be able to respond appropriately.HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Reading ReflectionYou will write a reflection about your thoughts on the reading, “When the West Teaches The East: Analyzing Intercultural Conflict in the Classroom.”A reflection is a type of personal writing where you think about something (like a book, an article, video, or experience) and write about your thoughts. Usually, you are writing about something you’ve never seen or experienced before. In this case, you’ll be writing a personal reflection in response to this reading you’ve never seen before. You are processing what you’ve just read and writing down your thoughts and feelings to the new information.There is no right or wrong way of reflective thinking. The purpose of a reflection is to write about your thoughts and feelings. Reflective writing is not about summarizing the reading. Instead, you should think about your own personal life experience. For example: Has this reading changed any of your beliefs, values, attitudes, or assumptions? Were you surprised by anything in the reading? Are there any parts of the reading that you could relate to? Did you learn in a collectivist or individualist culture? Did you learn in a high-context or a low-context culture? Have you noticed cultural differences in your own classes this quarter? These are some examples of types of questions you could think about. Remember, this is an open ended assignment. Every person’s assignment will discuss different things. Overall, we want to get a sense of who you are as we read your reflection.Do your best to practice using APA formatting. At most, you can lose 5 to 10% for making small errors in your APA formatting, so long as it is clear that you’ve tried your best. If it is clear that you did not try your best to follow APA formatting, you may lose more points. If it is clear that you did not do the reading, you may lose even more points.Requirements:2 – 3 pages
12 point Times New Roman font
Double Spaced
Word or PDF format
APA formatting
At least one APA in-text citation referencing the reading
Title Page should include your name, perm, the date, class name, and instructor name
References page
.doc file | APA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced