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You are asked to write a 5 to 10-page essay which reflects on what we have learn


You are asked to write a 5 to 10-page essay which reflects on what we have learned about the Holocaust. You should cover basic facts as well as specifics from the U.S. response to the Holocaust, the USC Shoah Foundation footage, the Kristallnacht and the Christian response, our Holocaust footage, and Elie Wiesel’s Night. You may not need to use all of these sources, but keep in mind what you may need to make your arguments and points. Further, you are asked to reflect on these events and sources in relation to modern and current events where possible. This will require you to find other sources for information on relevant modern and current events in the U.S. or worldwide. You will be given points based on the following areas. Each area is worth 0-20 points. 100 total points total. The more errors or problems there are in each grading area the fewer point will be rewarded. Basic requirements—MLA format and citation, page length, font type and point, page numbers, stapled, margins, etc., but also spelling and grammar. Structure—does it contain an intro, body, and conclusion, is there a thesis statement present, etc. Analysis—your overall ability to analyze arguments and religious elements within our text as a whole, is it substantive or surface level, is the proper terminologies used in explaining what things are, have you correctly identified related elements between the Holocaust and modern or current events, etc. Interpretation—how you have overall interpreted the information provided to you. Is this an accurate interpretation or skewed by your own political or religious ideas? Have you used verifiable examples and conjecture in your interpretation of what is happening? Thinking and style—how well you convey your thinking and logic is important. Your stylistic choices can undermine or strengthen your writing. How well is this done? Are your thoughts supported in text? Are there too many assumptions? Is it enjoyable to read or easy to follow? Are you critical and creative in your thinking? And are you transitioning from thought to thought well?