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You are the new account manager for the communication agency that handles integr


You are the new account manager for the communication agency that handles integrated marketing communication (IMC) for the Special K brand. Your first decision is to conduct an IMC audit (review all IMC elements for the current strategy). You’ll need to do the following:1. Identify and discuss advertising strategy, including major media classes (i.e., TV, mobile, social media, radio, websites, etc.). Here are examples: ‘Women Eat’
‘Keep It Real’
‘Feed Your Change’
‘Everybody Has a More’
Describe the target audience demographically as well as psychographically (lifestyle, values, motives, etc.).
What is/are the objective(s) (i.e., awareness, informative/knowledge, attitude change, behavioral incentive, other)?
Based on the objective(s), how would you describe the communication ‘problem’ or need/want for the target audience?
What is the general message the brand is communicating to the audience? This is the essence of the brand meaning that is shared among all Special K products (i.e., cereal, protein bars, breakfast bars, etc.).
2. Identify and discuss/explain all forms of consumer sales promotion utilized (i.e., coupons, price-off, contests, sweepstakes, sampling, other – distributed through any/all media). Why are they doing it? 3. Identify and discuss/explain events sponsored (or created) by Special K – why are they doing it?4. Identify and discuss/explain PR and publicity utilized by the brand (might include positive or negative stories created by other sources) – why are they doing it?5. Identify and discuss/explain interactive marketing efforts (online/digital/social media) – why are they doing it? 2 to 3 pages. Need references.
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