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AOD 4016 FINAL – 70 pointsAnswer the following questions in a double spaced pape


AOD 4016 FINAL – 70 pointsAnswer the following questions in a double spaced paper. You do not have to recopy the questions, just make sure to number your answers correctly. There is no set number of pages that is required. Just be sure to be specific, innovative and concrete with your answers.1. Joseph is a member of team of trainers, community developers, and nutrition specialist that is currently working in rural Cambodia to develop an educational and action program related to infant and child nutrition. This group is associated with an international nongovernment organization based in Japan. What the team has learned in the three months they have been in Cambodia is that mothers do want their assistance because their children are both undernourished as well as malnourished. In addition, grandmothers and older aunties are the ones who feed the children as the mothers primarily work in the fields during the day, and sometimes into the evening hours. The feeding practices, except for the introduction of bottle feeding for infants, have remained the same over a number of generations. They have also observed, although they do not know why, that there are local food resources (e.g., fruits, potatoes, and plants) that are readily available and even though they are fed to older children, these foods are not given to infants up to two years of age.How would you conduct a needs assessment to determine what type of program or training is needed (to improve the nutrition of infants) in this situation? What are some of the “contextual” and “cultural” issues you would need to consider in this situation? Be specific. (8 points)2. Our text book, Planning Programs for Adult Learners, focuses on the “Interactive Model ofProgram Planning”. Imagine you were hired to conduct an in-person training for 10 participants about the model. The participants would all be new hires in a large Special Events Planning company that organizes corporate and social events. Complete the following chart to lay out the training program. (12 points)LEARNING OBJECTIVESTRAINING TECHNIQUE/PROCESSFOR TEACHING THE OBJECTIVEEVALUATION METHOD FOR ASSESSING WHETHER THE OBJECTIVE HAS BEEN MET3. Teng Ju, a department manager and training specialist for a large retail store, has set up a two-hour face-to-face training session for all part-time sales personnel who have been hired to handle the Christmas rush, in addition to the online tutorial that all new sales personnel are required to review. He knows he will have both experienced salespeople and new salespeople who have never sold anything before—about twenty-five people in all. Teng Ju has outlined what he believes to be a good set of learning objectives in areas not addressed by the online tutorial, such as handling difficult customers and how to work well with other sales staff. What would you do to assure a Transfer of Learning process? Give at least 2 ideas. (6 points)4. Imagine that you work in a company that is a large multi-national company. You have manufacturing sites in over 15 different countries. The company manufactures components for industrial washing machines. The washing machines clean tents, or big fabric awnings, etc. Since the company started all training has taken place at the corporate office in Cleveland Ohio. The trainings for how to operate all the machines are given to managers, in person, 2 times a year. The managers are then expected to go back to their home office and train the local employees on how to work the very large and very complicated machines. The expansion to locations outside of the United States has only been in the last 10 years. Over the last 10 years not only have there been more than the normal mechanical failures of the machines,, there have been 7 injuries to workers. You have just been hired as the HR Manager. You want to convince the CEO that on line training would be a better alternative than in person training . What would you say to convince the CEO of the benefits of an on-line format? What other types of trainings/transfer of learning/ would you recommend. (7 points)5. What are two specific, concrete skills you have learned in this class? Explain the skill and how you learned it. Explain how you envision yourself using these skills in your future (career or personal) . (6 points)6. In your opinion what are the top 3 challenges to on-line (virtual) training programs? Give 1 solution to each of the challenges that you pose. (6 points)7. Juanita wants to demonstrate that she is doing a good job as the new training coordinator for a new safety training program, but she is not sure how to proceed. She works in a company that produces large trailers and other heavy equipment. Her predecessor was on the job for years and ran a rather informal shop; other than a big chart displaying the number of accident-free days for the company, he kept no systematic records on the safety training.Juanita has access to some figures about the number and types of trainings programs offered, with the number of participants in each program, but the data are incomplete; the figures were not kept for all programs, and there is a great deal of inconsistency in how the figures were gathered and recorded.Juanita asked her predecessor if there were any evaluation reports about the previous training program, and her predecessor’s response was, “You’ll know if they’re bad, because the trainees or supervisors will tell you.”Juanita wonders how she can demonstrate that the safety training programs she will be implementing will be doing what they are designed for —lowering the rate and severity of accidents in the plant.What would you suggest Juanita do to demonstrate that her safety training programs are really making an impact on the actions of the employees and subsequently reducing the numbers and severity of accidents at the plant? Be specific and creative. (7 points)8. Rosemarie, who was serving as a keynote speaker for a statewide conference in adult education, had asked the person who was in charge of planning the program to tell her about her audience. Based on these discussions Rosemarie put her speech together, but within the first two minutes of her speech lost the attention of the majority of her audience. What do you think happened? Give two reasons this situation may have happened? What could Rosemary do to improve the situation? ( 4 points)Short Answer (14 points total)9. What does ADDIE stand for? Who uses it and why? (3 points)10. In your own words, briefly describe what Gamification is. Give an example of a product (from class or one that you know) that embodies Gamification. (3 points)11. How does an RFP differ from a QBS? Why is that important to instructional designers/education consultants? (2 points) 12. What is a MOOC and what is it used for? (2 points)13. What is an LMS and what is it used for? (2 points)14. What are the different types of evaluations an instructional designer/trainer would conduct and how are they different? (2 points) .doc file