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When we talk about the art of the MIddle Ages, it is often described as flat. Th


When we talk about the art of the MIddle Ages, it is often described as flat. The figures in the paintings do not move like real people. The importance of the work of Giotto, is that, his work begins to have a life like quality. His work portrays people as having emotion and as individual’s.This week there are many chances to look at the work of Cimabue and compare it to Giotto. Giotto is famous as the artist who starts the artwork of the Middle Ages to bend toward more realism.I want you to have some fun with this assignment. Iwant you to look at the work of Cimabue in the video’s that I have posted. I also want you to look at the work of Giotto.How do the figures occupy space? How do the stand and how do they portray emotion.I want you to pick a character in one of the paintings and imitate their pose and emotion. You can have someone in your family help you with this. If you want to extend it a little more ask one or more of your family members to also be figures in the painting. Have some fun.Make as many photographic attempts as you like. Put your photographs into a PowerPoint with explanations of which painting and artist you are imitating. Why did you pick this artist and why this character?Also reflect on your process. How hard was it to imitate? What did you notice about the artist figure’s? Which did you appreciate most? Explain your process.Upload your work to Canvas.———————————————In the Middle Ages architecture was one of the most important art form’s.1. What is Stained Glass? What does it mean, as it pertains to Gothic Architecture?2. What is a triforium?3. What do you call the space with windows that is above the second story of a wall inside a church ?Explain a cloister.
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