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1. Watch a movie or documentary that involves infectious disease. I’ve provided


1. Watch a movie or documentary that involves infectious disease. I’ve provided a list below, but you can also come up with your own (no offensive or X-rated stuff, though!). There just has to be a plot that turns on the response of the characters to some sort of current or past epidemic or pandemic.2. Answer the questions below, as completely as you can.3. Respond to one other person’s post by first watching their movie and then commenting on their analysis (be polite!). BUT, you can’t respond to someone who watched the same movie as you!Questions to answer as part of your post:1. (5 pts) Provide the name of the film and summarize the plot (be brief but provide some detail; not just “They all got sick and died.”)2. (5 pts) What interesting facts or ideas does the movie bring to mind that relate to material covered in this class? What other films have you seen which might bear on your understanding of this film? To what contemporary events does the film refer? In your answer, comment on the science (or pseudoscience) that informs the plot. Note that the intent here is not to nitpick scientific inaccuracies in the plot but to think about how disease is perceived by the public. Of course, if your movie involves a disease transmitted by dragon’s breath then you’ll have to be a little speculative about the science.3. (5 pts) Does the film have any significant social dimension or message? What is the role of cultural, social, political, and economic history in interpreting the movie’s possible meanings?4. (5 pts) What scene, character, or theme from the movie really stood out for you, and why?5. (5 pts) In your response to another’s post, describe what part of their film appealed to you (or not, as the case may be), and how you see their film comparing to your film.List of possible movies (not in any particular order):The Andromeda Strain; The Omega Man (or the remake, I am Legend); 12 Monkeys; Children of Men; Contagion; Variola Vera; Distant Thunder (India, Satyajit Ray directed); Panic in the Streets; 28 days later; Pandemic (Netflix documentary; talk about timing!); the Seventh Seal.Please refrain from zombie or vampire movies, as most stretch the notion of infectious disease just a bit too thin.Old or obscure movies are also welcome; I’m always on the lookout for good disease movies!
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