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Answer ALL of the following questions completely, and support your answers by dr


Answer ALL of the following questions completely, and support your answers by drawing upon the required readings from the textbook Women, Law, and Social Control to inform and reference your response.1. What is meant by an intersecting identity? And, why is such an identity important to understanding women’s experiences of crime and victimization? (5pt.s)2. Discuss Lombroso, Freud, and Pollak theories forexplaining female criminality. (5pt.s)3. Identify and discuss 5 issues that may lead to female criminality, which may influence why some womenengage in criminal behavior. (10pt.s)4. What is rape? Can a prostitute be raped? Why and why not? What is the marital exemption for rape? And, what public policies should be implemented to ensurewomen’s safety regarding rape? (5pt.s)5. Why is the prosecution of pregnant women who use illegal drugs described as a slippery slope? (5pt.s)6. Identify and discuss 5 crimes that are considered to be violence against women. (10pt.s)7. Identify and discuss 5 challenges female prisoners may encounter during incarceration. (5pt.s) 8. Discuss 5 areas of gender discrimination againstwomen in the criminal justice system and discuss what is needed to reform the system. (10pt.s)9. Identify and discuss 5 challenges women may face upon release from prison. (5pt.s)Exam GuidelinesPlease type and double-space your exam. Make sure that you answer each part of a particular question, because you will be graded on the completeness of your answer. Do not write your exam as if it is a term paper, rather number and answer each question separately. You may only use 1 direct quote (using quotation marks) in your response to each question, otherwise paraphrase. To document your answer, cite the author and page number, for example (Bailey, p.33).No plaga
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