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“As TRU students, student-athletes pay all mandatory student fees to the institu

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“As TRU students, student-athletes pay all mandatory student fees to the institution. In addition, teams can build in fees to their programs, but this can vary. At times, teams will also have required fundraisers to help fund program enhancements. We do not mandate team fees as part of our athletic program.” Some information from Director of Athletes and d Recreation I would like to focus on why students who want to be cheerleaders at TRU have to pay a fee? What the fees are used for?Cheerleaders and soccer players have a lot in common: both sports are dangerous, yet both attract great athletes. My question is why cheerleaders have to pay in order to be in a team and soccer l players are not paying fees? Why do they have to pay if they are representing our University the same as football players? Topic- why students have to pay to participate.But you can make it a more interesting Headline for the Newspaper!What I want to see for your last assignment is “something that looks like a news story.” My understanding is that you are interviewing some of the university cheerleaders and their coach about why cheerleaders (and other sports) at TRU have to pay to play, and how they feel about that.Your final story should show some quotes from your interviews, which will support your story. I’ll try to give a simple outline:Decide what the most important part of your story is. Is it that cheerleaders have to pay to be cheerleaders? Is it that TRU is unusual that way, or is it that all cheerleaders across BC have to pay?
As you review your interviews, find the quotes that support the most important thing. Remember that you need to also supply names and another context in your story, like: “Heather Jones is a third-year student in Psychology, and also a cheerleader at TRU.” Our general format is to Introduce the Source, Tell Us Why They’re in the Story, and Tell Us Their Quote.
The conclusion of your story should be what your sources think about the matter, not what you think about it.
You want to know why students who want to be cheerleaders at TRU have to pay a fee to do so.You may need to talk to the Sports Information Officer for a wider overview. I see that we have volleyball, baseball, soccer, swimming, curling, basketball, rugby and cheerleading as the sports at TRU.You’re using the word “football” to mean what we would call “soccer,” I think. Here in North America “football” usually means either American or Canadian football, which is a different game entirely. TRU does not have a football team, but we do have a soccer team.In your story, I would imagine you would say why student-athletes might have to pay fees to compete, explain if there are any sports at TRU that do not require fees to play, and explain what the fees are used for. It might be useful to compare TRU to other universities of similar size in Canada, to help the audience understand.I suggest that you get back in touch with the coach, and simply explain what you’re trying to find out. I also suggest not using the word “discrimination.” It may not be a discriminatory practice, for one thing. If one of your sources says it, that’s their opinion and it would be fine to include it. However, as a journalist, you’re not allowed to express your opinion in your stories.Instead of saying it’s discrimination, I would ask why students have to pay to participate. Then I would try to find out if other schools also require it. If TRU was the only school doing it that would certainly be newsworthy.Heather Crawford- Cheerleader coach and also member of cheerleading team
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