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Background:You have read two articles and watched one video about the use of sta


Background:You have read two articles and watched one video about the use of standardized tests, specifically the ACT and SAT, in the college admissions process for American high school seniors. The use of these tests in the admissions process has been controversial for many years, but the pandemic has given new urgency to the question, as many high school seniors were unable to take the standardized tests this spring and fall. [NOTE: I have included the articles and link to the video as well as Works Cited information at the end of this document.]Prompt:Write an essay in which you answer the following question:Should colleges use the SAT and ACT in their college admissions process for American high school seniors? Why or why not? You are welcome to consider various options, including requiring the use of these tests in all cases, or a test-optional policy, or a test-blind policy.Requirements/details about this assignment:The essay should be 2 – 3 pages long in 12-point font (at least 500 words)
The essay should have 2 – 3 body paragraphs. Two body paragraphs are sufficient to get an “A” grade, but if you want to write three body paragraphs, you may.
The introduction should give background information about the college application process in the United States, including the use of standardized tests, and a definition of the terms “test-optional” and “test-blind.”
Your thesis can be a “list” or “unified” thesis. Either style is fine for this assignment.
Your introduction should not include a summary of the articles or video.
You must cite at least one of the sources we have discussed in class (the two articles and the video) in your essay.
Your essay should include a Works Cited page which includes *only* the source(s) you cite in your essay.
You may also use your own experience with standardized tests if it helps you explain your point of view on this topic.
You do NOT need to do further research for this essay. If you want to do more research, you may. However, make sure that you cite any outside source that you quote or paraphrase in your essay. Failure to do is plagiarism and carries a heavy consequence.
You do not need to include a counter-argument in this essay. You may, if you wish, but a counter-argument is not required.
You do not need to include specific grammatical structures in this essay.
Essay format:Please put a header in the top left of the first page and number your pages.
Please make sure the essay is double-spaced in twelve-point font.
Do your best to format the Works Cited page correctly.
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