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Cardiovascular HealthYou will have successfully mastered this chapter if you can


Cardiovascular HealthYou will have successfully mastered this chapter if you can answer the following:Please read Chapter 12 Introduction to HEALTH- OER textbook – Google D… and Cardiovascular Disease.pdf to complete this assignment.Please Color Code your answers1. What are the 10 primary cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors? How does each affect heart health?2. What are the 6 secondary CVD risk factors? How does each affect heart health?3. What are the 12 controllable and risk factors for CVD?4. What are 5 uncontrollable risk factors for CVD?5. To cut CVD risk, what four lifestyle factors should be addressed?6. How are arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and stroke defined?7. What are the differences between cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary heart disease (CHD), and coronary artery disease (CVD)?8. What are the symptoms of a heart attack9. What are the symptoms of a stroke, and what is the F.A.S.T. way to spot a stroke? 10. List 9 symptoms of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Signs?11. How should you care for Cardiac Arrest?12. What are the roles of HDL and LDL in heart health?13. How does smoking cigarettes increase heart disease risk?14. What are prehypertension, normal blood pressure range, and the blood pressure reading that indicates hypertension?15. What cholesterol reading indicates high blood cholesterol?16. What CVD risk factors are positively affected by exercise?17. What are the positive and negative effects of alcohol on CVD?18. What is the importance of lifestyle for cardiovascular disease, and how does the mind-body connection affect it?19. List 10 foods should you should avoid preventing CVD?20. List 10 foods you can eat to help protect you from CVD? 21. What six ways to reduce CVD risk factor?22. What are some strategies for reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease?23. Which gender and ethnicity group are at a higher risk for death from CVD?24. Why is this group and gender at a higher risk?
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