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***Comment this***A theory presents a systematic way of understanding events, be

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***Comment this***A theory presents a systematic way of understanding events, behaviors and/or situations. Theories can guide the search to understand why people do or do not practice health promoting behaviors, help identify what information is needed to design an effective intervention strategy and provide insight into how to design a program, so it is successful. Theories and models help explain behavior, as well as suggest how to develop more effective ways to influence and change behavior. For example, understanding why a person smokes are one step towards a successful cessation effort, but even the best explanations will not be enough by themselves to fully guide change to improve health. Some type of change model will also be needed. Nursing theory is a well thought-out and systematic expression of a set of recommendations related to questions in the discipline of nursing. A nursing theory is a set of ideas, definitions, relationships, and expectations or suggestions derived from nursing models or from other disciplines and project a purposive, methodical outlook of phenomena by designing specific inter-relationships among notions for the purposes of describing, explaining, forecasting, and/or recommending.
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