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Commenting on M. Heidegger, “The principle of identity”, in Questions I and II,

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Commenting on M. Heidegger, “The principle of identity”, in Questions I and II, Gallimard, pp. 268-269 (tr. A. Préau). “Let us therefore stop conceiving of technology in a purely technical way, i.e. from man and his machines. Let us listen to the call under which, in our time, not only man, but also all that is, nature and history, are placed in terms of their being. What call do we want to talk about? Our existence, in all domains, is amused, pressed, harassed, pushed, and by all these means, put in notice to turn its effort towards a universal planning and calculation. What is there that speaks to us in this challenge? Does it proceed from a pure human whim? Or is it the being himself who already comes to us and speaks to us of his capacity to be subjected to planning or calculation? In this case, would the being himself have been affected by a demand to make the being appear in the perspective of calculability? Yes, it would. And not only being. Just as much as the being, man is put on notice, that is to say, summoned, to place in safety the being who speaks to him, like the fund on which his plans and calculations are based, and to extend this ordering hold without end. »