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Due Dec 17, by 4pm Things to know: Major Criteria Include 5 websites (from work

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Due Dec 17, by 4pm Things to know: Major Criteria Include 5 websites (from work cited)
6-8 paged double spaced or 3-4 single spaced
Contextualize website with lecture, document, and readings
“Mind at work” More than a summary, Wants a POV that connects website to class
Instructions:The final graded assignment out of class will be to explore the websites for various Global Justice Movement organizations. You should explore at least five global justice movement websites from the list below:50 Years is Enough! Campaign, The Dawn, Rebelión, (this site for Spanish readers) Left on the Move, Mintpress News, Global Exchange, Alternative, Maquila Solidarity Network, International Forum on Globalization,,Focus on the Global South: for Research on Globalization: Institute: World Network, for Policy Studies: Action Network: for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development (A SEED), Research: First (Institute for Food and Development Policy), of the Earth International, War 4 Report, or Rights Campaign (LGBTQ rights worldwide):!News, Clearning House, Freedom: Women’s Strike: http://www.globalwomenstrike.netLos Despojados (most entries are in English):,, on the Move, Upgrade, News, Freedom,, this assignment you will need to spend a number of hours on the web exploring these websites, reading some of the articles and commentaries, and gaining an understanding of some of the popular literature and features on the web that have to do with the theme of globalization and resistance. Then you will write up a report, between 6-8 pages approximately, on your experience and your analysis of the exercise. This report will be due in final exam week, date to be announced. It should be a wide-ranging analytical discussion. You should draw on course readings, lectures, and other materials to analyze the content of these web sites, relating that content to the course and what you have learned. Demonstrate your analytical prowess and ability to apply what you have learned in the course._____________________________________________________________________________________Emails Regarding Final Paper:12/8The final assignment is due on December 17 by 4 pm at the latest. The instructions are on the syllabus. The idea is that you discuss how the websites that you explored may be linked to the varied themes and readings covered in the course. To put this another way, one of my goals in the course is for you to have developed insight into making sense of what is going on in the world. How did the course content help you to understand the content of the websites that you visited?I wish everyone a happy holiday season and New Year – as best as possible in the midst of the pandemic. Stay safe!Your professor_______________________________________12/14Hi everyone,A few people have asked for more detail about how final papers will be graded. Oscar and I will be using the following criteria to grade:-Student completed the assignment – 10 points-Student fulfilled the page count – 2 points-Student included at least 5 five websites – 2-Student tied the websites to a lecture, documentary and/or reading from the course – 2-Student ANALYZED not summarized the material – 4 pointsMax grade: 20 pointsNote – this mirrors the syllabus as well as Prof. Robinson’s 12/8 email about the final paper.Good luck!!_______________________________________________________________________________________It is recommended to use our past weekly reflections as reference and say things like ‘as prof Robinson stated in lecture…’ which can help complete the final paper.
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