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Ensuring that neighborhoods are affordable for diverse residents means offering

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Ensuring that neighborhoods are affordable for diverse residents means offering a broad array of housing
and rental choices, from single-family homes to condos to apartments. Residents also need transportation
options that fit their circumstances—whether they primarily drive or get around without a car—to access
jobs, healthy food, schools, and other destinations. Affordable neighborhoods should also offer a range
of commercial services and businesses, including grocery stores, household needs, childcare services,
entertainment, and healthcare. Transit and transportation options can help by expanding access to these
needs in nearby areas. Beyond housing, building a diverse local economy is essential for supporting
residents of different backgrounds and helps them invest in their community. In this regard and addressing
the middle class category, you are required to conduct a research addressing the following: o The notion and philosophy of affordable neighborhood (the motivation, importance and
impact). o What are the principles of affordable neighborhood? ((you must depend on scientific and
credible references) o How to achieve these principles in real? (Support your answers with credible case studies
and examples) o How to offer affordable housing without compromising the quality of life and sustainable
aspects of residential neighborhoods? (How to achieve such integration?) o What are the challenges to have affordable housing project is the Saudi Arabia? And how
to respond to these challenges efficiently? (Provide evidences supporting your response)
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