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follow the outline of the paper: It needs a lot of ideas and great imagination t

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follow the outline of the paper: It needs a lot of ideas and great imagination to create examples and to match it with the theory and concepts. CONTENT – ANALYSIS OF TEAM DEVELOPMENT, : Demonstrates overall understanding of team process and development, with clear, specific examples involving specific team members. (give frequent team/groups examples. imagine we were a group randomly formed in a college class to develop a project together during the semester) we had breakout rooms on zoom meetings during class time to discuss class subject and work on our project.CONTENT – ANALYSIS OF TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Analyzes the extent to which the team addressed the 5 Dysfunctions of Teams, with clear examples. you can come out with frequent group examples again. I will be attaching the members SELF-ASSESSMENT SUMMARY SHEET where you can use their score on the 5 Dysfunctions of Teams to help you with.PROCESS – LEVEL OF SOPHISTICATION OF ANALYSIS APPLICATION OF TEAM DEVELOPMENT THEORY TO OWN PROJECT TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Goes beyond surface descriptions to explore sources and origins of individual behavior and group dynamics (SOPHISTICATION and DEPTH of analysis & application of course theory and concepts:Temperament, Interaction Style, Cognitive Dynamics, Lencioni (5 Dysfunctions of Teams), Bradberry & Greaves (emotional intelligence ), Team Development TheoryGroup members: (self-assessment summary sheet of each member attached, including mine) there you can see the member profile, characteristics to use when creating situations and examples.jimmyNanciHannahdaisymeYou can use quotes from the following books… outside sources are welcome too:Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves. Emotional Intelligence 2.0. (EI) San Diego: TalentSmart. 2009. Patrick Lencioni. (2005). The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. (5D) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.Glenn Parker (2008). Team Players and Teamwork: New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration (2e). (T&T) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. MAM 311, 326requirements: 7 pages, APA format
.doc file