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For the next few weeks, you will be working on a thorough analysis of a specific

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For the next few weeks, you will be working on a thorough analysis of a specific group of your choosing that you are a member of (or were a former member of).The project will include a detailed analysis of the chosen group focusing on specific group elements that have been observed throughout the course of your membership. The finished product will be an essay that sufficiently presents your analysis.Once you have settled on a group that you would like to analyze, you will explore the connections between the group communication concepts we have discussed this semester and your lived experiences within the group. Below is a list of the items that need to be addressed within your essay. Your essay should include the following parts (the guideline I offer pertaining to length is such: provide as much information as it takes for you to clearly articulate how your group is influenced and affected by the following items):
An introduction that gets the audience’s attention and broadly reveals the group you have chosen, and previews the topics that will discussed.
Before you begin to analyze the group, an overview of the group and your place within that group is necessary. Focus on the 5Ws (who-how many people?; what-team, work group, social?; where?;when- for how long?;why-if not abundantly obvious) to help the reader better understand how you became a member of this group and how the group came to be. By providing a solid foundation of understanding at the beginning it makes your analysis much easier to write.
A thoughtful analysis of the group communication concepts that are in play throughout your participation within the group. This analysis should overlap several course concepts (not limited to group communication) simultaneously. This analysis can describe what is present as well as offer solutions to what would make the group function better. The numbers in parentheses represent where these items can be found within the chapter slides; the first numbers the chapter, the second number is the slide.
This analysis should include:
The Goals of the group (13; 8)
An overview of your individual goals (task and social)
An overview of the group goals (task and social)
Hidden agendas that are present that affect group performance
Roles (14; 9-14)
Your formal role
The informal roles you commonly fill (with brief examples that support your analysis)
Maintenance (aka social/relational)
Negative roles
Interaction (13; 5)
An overview of the type of communication network your group has
Leadership (14; 5)
Leadership style of the group
Power (14; 6-8)
Types of power within the group
Types of power you have within the group
Relevant types of power commonly used throughout the group
Problem solving within the group (14; 15-18)
Is your problem-solving method successful?
Common decision-making methods used within the group
Proposed adjustments for the group
Communicative problems affecting your current group
What changes would you like to see pertaining to how your group currently operates that would make for a better experience for all.
A conclusion that summarizes your analysis experience and highlights any insights gained from the process.
The essay portion of this project is due in the dropbox the first day of presentations.Self-Group Analysis ______/150NAME:TOPIC:
Excellent- Exceeds assignment expectationsGood- Meets assignment expectationsFair – Partially addresses assignment expectationsPoor- Fails to meet several aspects of the assignment expectationsMissing- Lacking content that is beneficial to meeting assignment expectations
Paper Content____(110 PTS)
Intro (5pts) Clear Introduction of the Group(10pts): (y/n)
Paper clearly highlights relevant Group Goals to course concepts:Individual (10pts): Social (y/n) Task (y/n) ; Group(10pts): Social (y/n) Task (y/n); Hidden Agenda(5pts): (y/n)
Paper clearly highlights relevant Group Roles to course concepts :Formal Roles(5pts): (y/n) ; Informal(15pts): Social (y/n) Task (y/n) Dysfunction (y/n)
Paper clearly highlights relevant Group Network/Leadership to course concepts :Network (5pts): (y/n) Leadership style(5pts): (y/n)
Paper clearly highlights relevant Group Power to course concepts :Power(20pts): Self (y/n) Others: (y/n)
Paper clearly highlights relevant Group Problem Solving to course concepts :Problem solving methods (5pts): (y/n) Decision Making Methods (5pts): (y/n)
Discussion of proposed Adjustments/Changes to the group (10pts): (y/n)
Grammar Deductions ____
Appropriate Grammar and Professional Polish
.doc file