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I am writing the final paper to a qualitative research methods. It is based arou


I am writing the final paper to a qualitative research methods. It is based around the stigma associated with service members of fort hood seeking out mental health, with the research question being are there in fact barriers to seeking mental health help or are they non-existent, and does that lack of resources correlate with suicide rates. -The section s ive noted from the “report of the fort hood independent review committee” that was sprung in response to the tragedy of vanessa guillen, has provided fresh info connecting increased suicide to lack of mental health treatment, due to a perpetuated lack of access to and stigma of seeking mental health help. From the report: “The FHIRC suggests that because of the high rate of Soldier suicides and suicide attempts, a postmortem analysis in every case is indicated. As a general matter, further study of mental health treatment and suicide at Fort Hood is recommended. -I have come across 6 sources to utilize in the paper that navigate the underlying stigma surrounding getting mental health in the US Army and other branches of the military. -“Mental Health, Help Seeking, and Stigma and Barriers to Care Among 3- and 12-Month Post-deployed and Never Deployed U.S. Army Combat Medics”, is the article I came across that I believe would bring the proper framework/questions (table 1; perceived barriers to seeking mental health)for the human data collecting /interviews of the ethnography (assisting in the creative aspect of producing data for the methodology) –the semester crescendoed with a plethora of coursework changes and finals exams becoming final papers. I lost my way with the fleshing out the fieldwork portion, methods and procedures, presentation the results and summarizing it. Creatively sourcing the personalized “qualitative data” is where i feel the paper will need most attention Looking forward to receiving an assist! Michelle