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I need help to write very short answers to the following questions. Please try t

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I need help to write very short answers to the following questions. Please try to give a direct answer with out explaining unless a question ask for explains:1- Were the Fatimids Sunni or Shi’ites?2- Why did the Fatimid empire look east to assert its sphere of influence?3- The Córdoban Great Mosque was a center for what?4- How many free schools were established in al-Andalus?5- Why were women exceptional in al-Andalus?6- Ibn-Sibna was the was the most important scholar of the eleventh century? What was his position on the study of logic: 7- What was the glue that bound the Islamic world together?8- What cultural model did the Abbasids establish that was followed by other caliphates? Intellectual life.9- The trading life of the Islamic world was magnificent and was centered on what individuals?10- What split broke apart the cosmopolitan unity of the Islamic world?11- The ninth and tenth centuries saw the invasions from the north, south, east. What culture group invaded from the east?12- The Vikings sea-based invasions were everywhere. What body of water did they target as an important trading location near Constantinople?13- The Vikings were a gift economy and to maintain the loyalty of their warriors Viking leaders had to find a constant supply of gifts. Like Odysseus, the Vikings would often raid coastal territories for what? 14- On the other hand these raiding parties often settled down. What region did the Vikings come to settle in France?15- The great learned Saxon King, Alfred the Great expelled the Vikings from what region in England that became the home of the kings of England?16- Who was the holiest man of 10th century Christendom?17- The Magyars conquered much of what basin at the end of the ninth century?18- History often forgets the battle at Lechfeld in 955, but it is one of the most important of the Middle Ages. Who defeated the Magyars in this battle? 19- “Ok this is important”… If the power structure in Rome was defined by the patron/client relationship, the ruling class Middle ages was defined by relationship between the domini, the fideles and the vassali Who were the domini?Who were the fideles?Who were the vassal?20- “Ok this is super important”… If that was the power structure, the social structure was defined by the service that medieval people provided. There were: oratores, bellatores, and laboratores.What are oratores?What are bellatores?What are laboratores?21- There were also mercatores, but unlike in the Islamic world, the mercatores were largely cultural outsiders in Christendom. Who were the mercatores?22- Even though we may think of the homogeneity of agrarian culture, this was not the case with agrarian culture in the Middle Ages. As we see in the film Marketta Lazarova, what was the hallmark of peasant life?Thanks
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