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I’m working on a finance report and need support to help me learn.Write a short


I’m working on a finance report and need support to help me learn.Write a short introduction on the importance of sustainable investing for society and a literature review (based on the 4 papers provided) summarising what research so far says about the comparative financial performance between green and sustainable funds, fossil fuel funds, fossil free funds and conventional funds.
Using the information in the “S&P Fossil Free” and “iShares Global Clean Energy” worksheets, please create a stock chart for each index including information about opening, closing, high & low index pricing as well as trading volume over the period 2nd of February 2019 and 29th October 2020. Briefly compare and contrast the two charts and the evolution of the two indices in no more than 200 words.
Using the information in columns A-F from the “Indices” worksheet, create an index chart that comprises the relative monthly performance of the five indices (columns B to F). Compare and contrast these five indices in no more than 300 words by commenting on their evolution between 2nd of February 2019 and 29th October 2020. You are welcome to create a new sheet and copy the information from columns A-F in order to make the index chart.
Next, calculate the monthly percentage return for each index in columns H to L and the Excess return (%) in columns M to Q in the “Indices” worksheet. Based on these calculations, compute the Sharpe Ratio for each index in the cells M26-Q26.
Using your knowledge of VBA, create a VBA function called SharpeRatio which takes as inputs the range of monthly returns and the risk free rate for a given index and outputs its sharpe ratio. Once you have created this function, use it to calculate the sharpe ratio for each index fund in cells M27 – Q27. Save your workbook in the appropriate format to support the VBA code.
.doc file