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I’m working on a history report and need a sample draft to help me learn.GUIDELI

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I’m working on a history report and need a sample draft to help me learn.GUIDELINES FOR THE RESEARCH PAPER (HIS 101, HIS 105, HIS 106, POL 205, POL 260)
Select a topic that is pertinent to the course in which you are enrolled. Feel free to clear the topic with me.
Remember to make the topic as narrow and specific as possible. For example, a paper on just the Roman Empire or the Vietnam War or the United States Congress or the United Nations would be far too general. It is important to focus upon a single particular aspect. Your chosen topic can be a specific event, individual (person) or historical-political-social movement.
The research paper should be from five and a half to seven pages in length in double spaced and twelve point font format.
A minimum of three different research sources must be utilized. Of these three, only one may be a reliable web site. The other two must be from either a book (the textbook will count), an article from an academic journal or newspaper, or from any other acceptable primary or secondary source. If more than three research sources are used, then all those beyond the minimum three may be from reliable web sites.
Any style of source citation (APA, Chicago, MLA) is acceptable.
It is important to ask a question or to present an argument or to highlight the significance (why is your chosen topic so critical to the study of the course in which you are enrolled) in your research paper. This must always be included in the introduction to the paper.
Following the introduction comes the core of the research paper in which you identify, detail and analyze the key points of your chosen topic. (This is essentially the “meat” of the research paper).
Your conclusion is basically the analytical summation of the research paper. The conclusion should defend how and/or why your chosen topic has contributed so critically to the study of the course in which you are enrolled, and how/why it will continue to be a major contributor in the future.
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