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I’m working on a marketing project and need an explanation to help me understand


I’m working on a marketing project and need an explanation to help me understand better.Team Case Analysis Write one eight-page real life case analysis of ‘Careem’ having focus on the services marketing. Please think about possible marketing problems they are facing so that you can start writing as quickly as possible the marketing problem that organization is facing. You are expected to write a clear and concise case study on Careem and problems that organization is facing, related to marketing. Case Analysis Format and Criteria for Evaluation Problem Analysis Very brief introduction of company.
Problem Analysis.
Assessment of organization’s services marketing problems (should be based on real issues faced by the selected organization).
Summary of critical environmental and situational factors indicating problem.
Identification of other marketing sub-issues or sub-problems that stem from services marketing problems.
Completeness of problem identification.
Alternative Recommendations Identification of alternative marketing strategies/campaigns to deal with services marketing problems.
Itemization of pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of each.
Selection of Best Alternative Selection of solution/alternative
Support for selection of alternative
Thorough discussion of alternative
Implementation Process Issues Logical consistency from start to finish
Clarity of presentation of problem
Feasibility of recommendations within existing organizational and financial constraints
Analysis of Exhibits Analysis of exhibits, tables, charts, data to support decisions
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