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IMF OR WORLD BANK ONE PROJECT Course Objectives: Students will learn how to asso

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IMF OR WORLD BANK ONE PROJECT Course Objectives: Students will learn how to associate theories and approaches to international business management. Instructions: Go to either the IMF or World Bank website and look at what they are doing. You will select one initiative from ONE of the two organizations as the subject of your written paper this week. At the World Bank site: World Bank, select on the “Projects and Operations” tab. You may then select a project based on Sector, Theme or Country. At the IMF site: IMF, go to the Home Page and then select “Our Work” which will give you access to information about initiatives being undertaken by the IMF. Select ONE project or initiative of interest from either (not both) the IMF or World Bank and answer the below questions. Questions: Your paper should include the following information: A brief overview of the project or initiative. This should be an overview of the type of project, the partners involved in the project and the goals/outcomes of the project. How does this project/initiative reflect the role of the organization in the global business environment? What is the long-term benefit of the project/initiative to the global business environment? Write a complete analysis thoroughly answering the above questions using applicable research (i.e. references & citations) (6 page minimum required).