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In 2020, CNBC published a list of 50 most innovative start-up companies. They ar


In 2020, CNBC published a list of 50 most innovative start-up companies. They are called disruptors and include Airbnb, Snowflake, Coursera, Zipline, SoFi, Robinhood, and Coupang. Select any of these seven companies to write a research paper. The paper should be 10-12 pages in length (excluding the cover page, table of contents, and references), type-written and single-spaced. Follow the following guidelines in writing the paper: 1. Cover page (your name, company name, university and college name, semester/year, course name/ number/section, and instructor name). 2. Table of contents. 3. Executive summary. This page is to be numbered page 1. 4. Company history, nature of its business (i.e., the kind of goods or services offered), and its delivery method to customers (e.g., online, physical outlets, intermediaries). 5. The company’s target customers (e.g., children, ladies, investors) and target market (e.g., local, national, international). Provide data about market size in terms of customers. 6. Analyze the company financial information at least for the past three years with tables showing, for example, profit/loss statements, balance sheet. 7. Company creativity: How creative is the company’s business model (e.g., introduction of new or improved goods/services, the company’s approach to become profitable in the future on the basis of cost and revenue or other factors. Explain in detail. 8. Company future prospects: What is in your judgment about the future prospect of the company? Explain in detail. 9. Recommendation about the company’s future in terms of diversification, integration, and outsourcing strategies. Explain in detail. 10. On the basis of your research, write your own vision, mission, two goals, and two objectives for each goal for the company on the assumption that you are its chief executive officer of this company. 11. Strategy statement: Write your own strategy statement for the company. 12. Provide at least three major recommendations to the company to enhance its competitive advantage in the marketplace. 13. You need to search the company reports, trade Journals, academic publications, bools, and other published materials. You must use at least ten references (e.g., journals, magazines, books). Follow the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style (manual) for citing the references. Keep in mind that the author’s name, title of the publication, date of publishing, and the publication name are all required.
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