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In 500 words, explore one human and one natural factor leading to a warming plan

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In 500 words, explore one human and one natural factor leading to a warming planet. Using the table below, choose one factor from each list. In your own words from what you learned from the textbook, lectures and your own research: answer the questions after the table. Submit your answers for each of the prompts below the table. Support your key points with reputable scientific references. Human Factors Natural Factors Deforestation Volcanic Activity Increased greenhouse gases due to the burning of fossil fuels Variations in the sun’s energy, sun flares and sun spots Increased aerosols in the air Galactic cosmic rays Increased methane due to agriculture Variations in Earth’s tilt Milankovitch cycles Ozone pollution El Nino Southern Oscillations 1.Explain climate change and why it is considered a hot button issue. 2.Summarize and explain each of your chosen options (one human and one natural factor). 3.Explain how the factors that you chose contributes to increasing global warming. 4.Of the factors listed above which is the greatest cause of global warming / climate change and why? Include a title page with your name, the title of the assignment, and the University. Cite all references.
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