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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following three (3) questions as completely as possible

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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following three (3) questions as completely as possible. Use the required readings and current events posted on Canvas. Cite them parenthetically in the text (author’s last name, page number). This is NOT a group exercise, so your answers must be an original formulation.• ONLY use documents posted on the CANVAS website.• Do not exceed three (3 pages per question. Each answer must be typed (font no larger than 12; no smaller than 11).1. The Reluctant Dragon and A Third Way adopt a learning approach to analyze Chinese foreign economic policy up to the late 1980s. They argue that specific leaders adopted specific economic development approaches that treated the international economy in various ways. Describe the economic development approaches adopted from the 1950s to 1990s, using specific policies promoted by the elites. What did the groups of elites learn over time? How does this have an impact on the development of China’s Third Way of development and its opening to the outside world?2. You have been appointed the primary China expert on President Biden-elect ’s incoming National Security Council. The National Security Advisor has asked you to compose a non-partisan analysis of Sino-North Korean relations, the South China Sea, and the Sino-Indian border. Briefly explain the situations: What are China’s foreign policy goals in these two areas? Would China seek to resolve or acerbate tensions in these areas? Are China’s foreign policy actions in these three areas aggressive or defensive? What should the US do?3. Chinese policy elites have attempted to establish a militarily and economically strong China, in which the Communist Party maintains complete hegemony. In a page or less, agree with or challenge this statement. Then choose three foreign policy events involving China since the 1950s up to the current day and use one page each to support your position.
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