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Instructions: Begin by selecting from our list of short fiction readings this se


Instructions: Begin by selecting from our list of short fiction readings this semester one story that you would like to work with. Usually the best way to approach this is to pose it as a question (see below for suggestions). What question would you like to answer in your paper? See if you can develop a three-part question At the same time, proceed to do your research, looking for five to seven (minimum) sources (books, journal articles, reference guides) from which you can pull quotes to add further support to your outline. Whenever you quote from a secondary source, include within parentheses after the quote the last name and the page number of each source. Important: Avoid Wikipedia, Schmoop and other unreliable sources (which will be disallowed once you transfer to the university/state college). Stay focused on reliable, authoritative sources. Hint: Begin by consulting the web site devoted to your author. This is maintained by experts in your area and will offer links to many helpful sources. Also, our online campus library has a wide collection of books and journal articles on each of the authors. Be sure to follow MLA formatting guidelines throughout. My topic: I would like to do my research paper on Guy de Maupassant’s “The Jewelry”. I have decided on “The Jewelry” because it was one of my favorite works that we have read in this class. I really enjoy the turn of events throughout the story, the ending of the story, as well as the irony throughout the entire short story. I would like to talk about how the author uses techniques of characterization to reveal the inner truth of the protagonist, M. Lantin, and how it affects the story.