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Length: 1200 words (please provide a word count) Purpose: Your essay should demo


Length: 1200 words (please provide a word count) Purpose: Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the elements of poetry and of how these elements function in the text you choose to analyze. You will construct a response to one of the following prompts, using textual evidence (quotes from the poems) to support your thesis. Your essay should demonstrate your ability to make stylistic and structural choices appropriate to literary analysis (use present tense to describe the events of a poem, craft paragraphs with effective topic sentences, avoid first person, incorporate quoted material effectively, use MLA format for parenthetical citations and your Work Cited entry, etc.). If you have questions about MLA format, the Purdue OWL website is a helpful resource: In general, when you quote lines from a poem, use a slash mark (/) to show where the line breaks occur, and put the line numbers of the material you’ve quoted in parentheses after the quote (NOT the page number). If you must quote more than three lines, use block quote format (but try to avoid long quotes, since this is a short essay). Structure: Your essay should consist of three distinct parts—an introductory paragraph containing a brief contextual explanation of the book and ending with your thesis statement, several body paragraphs that present clear points and evidence to support your thesis, and a conclusion paragraph. Your thesis should provide a direct response to the prompt. Please underline your thesis. Be sure to provide textual evidence (specific references to and quotes from the text) to illustrate and support your claims. prompt: Ada Limón’s Bright Dead Things contains several poems in which horses play a prominent role. Choose two or three of these poems and analyze the literal and/or symbolic role of horses in conveying the poems’ meaning. (Be sure to compare and contrast the poems to create a cohesive essay.)