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Log on to the City of Scottsdale website, and click the About PD tab.Review the


Log on to the City of Scottsdale website, and click the About PD tab.Review the Current PD Strategic Plan.Review the 2019 UCR Highlights and the 2017 Crime Clock (found here):2017 Crime Clock.pdf2019-spd-ucr-highlights.pdfWrite a 700-word (minimum) evaluation (this is a formal APA paper) that assesses the strategic plan from the Scottsdale Police Department. Do not write in general terms; this assignment is for the Scottsdale Police Department only and the paper must reflect the information contained in their strategic plan. Also, do not just copy and paste information; this is an evaluation in your own words.Include the following in your evaluation:Discuss individual components of the SWOT analysis as presented
Describe the technology and/or social media being addressed
Identify futures (predictions) used in plan
Decide if Justifications and assumptions for strategies are adequately articulated – explain
Explain how measures support and ensure follow-through and implementation of strategies
Describe potential limitations or challenges with plan
Format your evaluation according to APA guidelines and use a minimum of two scholarly references to support your evaluation.
.doc file | Research Paper | 1 pages, Single spaced