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Maritime Widgets Limited case 20 marks estimated time 36 minutesYou are the owne

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Maritime Widgets Limited case 20 marks estimated time 36 minutesYou are the owner of a 10 year old highly successful national widget company (Maritime Widgets Limited – MWL). Over the last 3 years MWL has acquired 3 other competing companies each with different transaction processing systems. Each company operates well on its own but you feel that aggregated data/information would help you manage customers and suppliers more effectively. You have just returned from a large industry convention. At the convention one of the keynote speakers was promoting the use of Data Warehouse technology as a means of solving the problem that too many organizations share, namely that they find themselves “ Data Rich >Information Poor -> Knowledge Starved”. You agreed with the speaker as you found the same situation existed in Maritime Widgets even though you felt that you had a good IT infrastructure, which according to your IT Director, that even though most of the technology was older it was still working well. Regional Sales managers however seemed to be complaining about the inadequacies of their sales analysis reports, marketing had a hard time seeing the full impact of its advertising efforts across the much larger MWL and purchasing wanted to take advantage of volume purchasing options. You reflect on how this new technology (data warehouse) might solve this problem.Question 6 (9 points)Briefly describe what a data warehouse is and what its key benefits could be for MWL? ( 4 marks) What ETL (extract, transform, load) challenges would MWL face? ( 3 marks) What important pieces are missing that would be necessary to solve the problems faced by MWL’s managers? (2 marks) (Total marks 9 estimated time)Question 7 (11 points) Do you agree with the speakers assertions that many mid to large sized companies find themselves “Data Rich > Information Poor -> Knowledge Starved” even though they are spending lots of money on IT? Why or Why not? How could this have happened in today’s world of technology? Explain (8 marks) Would a data warehouse solve the above problem ? Why or Why not? (3 marks) (Total marks 11 )
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