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Meet SheilaSheila grew up in a city in the Northeastern United States. She is As

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Meet SheilaSheila grew up in a city in the Northeastern United States. She is Asian-American and has never received any interventive services from a Human Services Professional. Since her relocation four years ago, her family has been unsupportive of her due to familial expectations of higher achievement and the desire for her to go to law school so that they could have a “lawyer in the family”-being that her two brothers are both medical doctors. Being a ‘free spirit’, Sheila has struggled to make ends meet and has worked many low-paying jobs. Sheila says to you, “I am so lost. This is not how my life is supposed to be…or is it”?Meet Todd.Todd is from a small Southern town. He is biracial (African-American and Latino), openly gay, and decided to speak with you due to experiencing multiple stressors at work, as well as a complicated home life. Todd received his associate degree from Rasmussen College and is working towards the completion of his bachelor’s degree in Human Services. He is a caregiver for his elderly mother and experiencing work-related stress due to being passed up for two promotions.Discussion Question: Sheila and Todd come from differing backgrounds. As a Human Services Professional, what processes would you take toward identifying both of their needs-considering, the cultural backgrounds of both and their individualized stressors? After defining their needs, as the Human Services Professional, how would you work with Sheila and Todd towards adequately addressing their needs?
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