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OPTION #2: Bank Regulation EssaysAlthough regulation is designed to ensure the s


OPTION #2: Bank Regulation EssaysAlthough regulation is designed to ensure the safeness and soundness of the financial system, not all regulations are effective at their intended purpose, or can fully eliminate the risks associated with banks. Write an essay, in which you develop a case for or against the following regulations of financial institutions:Regulations on the failure process; defining when banks and other financial firms are allowed to fail and how their assets are to be regulatedRestrictions on the geographic expansion of banks and other financial firms, such as limits on branching and holding company acquisitions across state and international bordersRegulation of risk-taking activities in financial institutions that receive government-sponsored depository insurance.The essay must meet the following requirements:It must be 1375 words, not including the title and reference pages.Support your answers with the readings from Module 2 and at least seven scholarly journal articles (at least five of which are peer-reviewed). The CSU Global Library is a great place to find these resources.Format your assignment according to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Each essay should include an introduction, a body with at least two fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion.Write clearly, using excellent grammar and style techniques. Be concise and logical. You are being graded, in part, on the quality of your writing. If you need assistance with your writing style, start with the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).==========================The above is for a Masters Level Bank Management Course, I’ve attached this weeks readings. Please make sure everything is per APA7 guidelines, cited referenced with links to the information. Please try to use primarily USA source material no older than 5 to 10 years, so that it is current.
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