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Overview You have been hired to open and manage a new, small (10,000 seats) coll

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Overview You have been hired to open and manage a new, small (10,000 seats) college arena for basketball, volleyball and ice hockey. The venue is also designed to host concerts, ice shows and small trade shows. You will begin your new job by creating a management plan proposal for the President of the University and Director of the Athletic Department that contains each of the five areas for a venue listed in this project. All projects must include the following: A cover page with your full name, course name and due date.
Text in Arial 12-point type and double-spaced.
Answers formatted in either paragraphs or bullet points using complete sentences.
An outline using the number and letter system indicated.
Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Outline: You begin your position 18 months before the opening date. You need to create and develop a basic management structure document to address the following: Venue administration policies and procedures
Operating budget
Booking priorities and policies
Booking calendar
Venue marketing
A ticketing system
A venue operations guide
An RFP for a food and beverage service provider for your concessions stands and the concessions stands menu, serving sizes, and prices
A basic risk management outline3. Finance (Ch. 4) / Ancillary Services (Ch. 8) Describe your strategy for developing ancillary services for your venue.
Develop a revenue and expenses budget for the venue’s ancillary services.
Develop the Request for Proposal (RFP) outline for food and beverage service provider.
Based on the size of the venue, describe the different types of food and beverage service locations (suites, clubs, concession stands) you would develop to service your market.
4. Operations (Ch. 9) & Event Services (Ch. 10) Describe your strategy for developing the Operations and Event Services Department (categories of employees).
Develop a venue operations staff flow chart and positions.
Develop an outline for a venue services guide.
Develop a venue event staff flow chart and positions with categories of employees.
I have attached the previous sections to use as a reference or guide. Here is an example for a Request for Proposal (RFP) Please use this with the textbook.…Please use the textbook to help complete this. bhoffman03@wildcats.jwu.edupw: Wildcats02!
.doc file