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Part I Your response should have two parts: basic facts and thematic connections


Part I Your response should have two parts: basic facts and thematic connections. For each document, identify the basic facts (who, what, when, where) and then connect this document to a theme from another course source (lecture, lecture reading, discussion reading). Be direct in explaining the connection. You may want to include a specific passage from the document. Armando B. Rendon, “Chicano Manifesto,” 148-50 (Takin’ It to the Streets reader) Frances Beal, “Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female,” 453-57 (Takin’ It to the Streets reader) Denise Oliver, “The Young Lords Party,” 466-70 (Takin’ It to the Streets reader) Part II Create a 5-song playlist for “the Sixties” and after each choice briefly (1-2 sentences) explain how it is linked to the class, to themes we’ve explored, to materials we’ve encountered, or to key ideas about this period that you will take away from this class. (will provide after bid acceptance) Part III In this essay I want you to make an argument about the relationship between culture and politics, focused on the second half of this course (roughly 1965-1975). To what extent does culture impact/change politics as opposed to culture simply reflecting politics? In other words, how important were cultural changes to the major political changes of the 1960s? Your essay should discuss THREE political developments and THREE cultural developments and put them in conversation with each other. You can focus broadly on the US or you can narrow your focus to a particular group or population (such as college students, women, teenagers, Mexican Americans, the middle class, or however else you might want to identify a particular group of Americans). Other Stipulations • All examples and details about those examples must come from course materials. (will provide after bid acceptance) • Your essay should be in the range of 600 to 800 words.