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post 1Consumers now spend as much time using their smartphones as they do watchi


post 1Consumers now spend as much time using their smartphones as they do watching TV, meaning marketers must meet customers where they are which is social media.Burger King
Olive Garden
Pick one of these brands and identify two social media platforms that you think this business should be utilizing. Why should this business use the two platforms you chose? How do these selected platforms align with the current target market for that brand?Using the same brand and social media sites you selected in bullet 1, pick one of the follow strategies to reach your target market. How you will use this strategy with your business across the platforms you identified? Why have you chosen this marketing strategy for your sites? Why do you think it will be effective in turning your social media followers into customers?Inform (or)
Educate (or)
Engage (or)
post 2Today, competition for products and services is fierce. Consumers have hundreds of shopping options, thanks to the Internet. If you don’t like what your local mall has to offer, go online and order from anywhere in the world. With so much competition, businesses must pour their money into creating loyal customers. This concept is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Walmart
Dunkin Donuts
Pick one of these businesses and assess its customer relationship (CRM) strategy. How does this business measure quality? How does the business measure customer satisfaction? What do you think the business can do in order to improve their CRM strategy?
Using the same business, how are they going about creating customer loyalty? Examine what strategies they are currently using to entice customer loyalty? How effective do you think their current strategy is at creating and maintaining their customer’s loyalty? If you could change one items about their loyalty program what would it be?
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