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Question 8 (10 points)You have recently graduated from the Sobey commerce progra

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Question 8 (10 points)You have recently graduated from the Sobey commerce program and are in an interview for a research/consulting position with a large modern management consulting firm (FastTrack Consulting) who has over 100 consultants and 50 support staff. You are given a pad of paper and 16 minutes to write up your answer to the following question. What IT resources do you need to have available to you at XYZ Consulting in your new job as a consultant to be a more effective knowledge worker/decision maker working in team environment? In your answer you decide to identify specific pieces of XYZ’s IT Infrastructure which you feel would be necessary for you to perform critical tasks as a knowledge worker. Identify 5 key IT infrastructure components and explain how they would make you a more effective knowledge worker for XYZ (i.e. their business benefit) . Be sure to state any assumptions you have made. Assume pre Covid 19 (10 marks 16 minutes)Question 9 (6 points)Organizations often “over” or “under” control their information systems out of ignorance. Explain how this could happen. How much internal controls is enough? ( 6 marks estimated time 11 minutes).doc file
.doc file