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Reflect on the course in this week’s reflective discussion. Discuss the value of


Reflect on the course in this week’s reflective discussion. Discuss the value of seeing an issue from different and often opposing points of view. Did your opinion sway on a controversial topic after engaging in the discussion boards? Please explain why or why not.
Discuss the most significant bit of knowledge you gained from taking this course.
Build on a classmates’ post( —SEE BELOW ) by asking questions, offering thoughtful ideas, or sharing personal connections. Be sure to demonstrate respect for classmates’ comments.
CLASSMATES POSTConflict is part of human interaction. Facts can have different meanings when seen from different perspectives. The perspective each person adopts influences what is peripheral or obvious. Reality is what the person thinks and feels it is, given their circumstances. We see things as we are, and how we are affected by the events or situation. We make interpretations according to our beliefs and past experiences about ourselves and others. We give meanings to things in the context of the circumstances we live or find ourselves in. If we canbe more inclusive and interactive when we have disagreements, we can find a complementary goals. Considering another person’s perspectives are likely to prevent misunderstandings, enable constructive conversations and achieve win-win solutions.
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