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Students have to collect 2 company cases of ethical wrongdoings/dilemmas and mak


Students have to collect 2 company cases of ethical wrongdoings/dilemmas and make an analysis of each of them based on the following criteria: a) Short summary, b) ethical considerations, c) identification of the decision-maker and d) the dilemmas and e) goals of the decision maker, f) stakeholders involved and their interests, g) social norms relevant in the decision-making context, h) options (alternatives) available for action in the decision making situation, i) their impact on stakeholders, norms and goals, and j) finally the recommended alternative as ethical behaviour and its justification. The chosen company cases have to be recent (not older than 12 months!!!), but they can be from any country or any topic/area related to business and business ethics. In addition to the case analysis itself, students are required to read the relevant textbook chapter and also to select at least two business or academic journal articles relevant to each business ethics case, and thus integrates the case into a larger context of business/academic literature on the topic. The essay should be composed of an introduction (including aims and objectives of the assignment), the text body (with a structured paragraphing of each case to be analysed based on the template, see on Moodle) and a conclusion section (in which students evaluate the type of cases analysed, how the business/academic journal articles and the textbook chapters have widened their perspective on understanding the case itself, and finally comments on individual learning achieved as a result of completing the assignment.) Formal requirements: · Lengths: 2000 words +/- 10% · 2 company cases (not older than 12 months) · Integration of 4 business/ academic articles (two for each case) + 2 textbook chapters (one for each case) · Harvard style referencing to be used. (A minimum of eight items have to be included as in-text and after-text references.) · The completed templates of case analysis for both cases have to be inserted into the Appendix of the Final Report. Structure: · Introduction o Aims & objectives of the assignment o introduction on type of cases to be analysed · Text body o Case analysis based on the template (See Moodle) + link to textbook chapters & business/academic articles (with in-text references) · Conclusion o Evaluating the selection of cases, o Reflection on how the textbook and academic journal articles have widened understanding of the case itself o Individual learning · References · Appendix: the template of case analysis filled out for the two cases