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The project need to address the following: Basically how to enroll people in a “


The project need to address the following: Basically how to enroll people in a “community habilitation service or how to get them to use the service.” We can compare to other companies (not related) in order to see how they maintained profit or even increased and how they did it and how it can be implemented here. Issue/Problem/Task to be Addressed In the company “Smiles” I concentrate in a program that services people with disabilities called “Community Habilitation” What this program does is help individuals 1 on 1 with a counselor work towards three different goals that will help them build skills in order to help them with independence. Some of these goals are Activities of Daily Living, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Community Integration and many more. Due to Covid, a lot of our individuals have stopped using services due to being scared of having the counselor or not being able to use virtual counseling due to severe autism. We are trying to have our population increase services in order to keep afloat since OPWDD is cutting the funding for people with disabilities. Losing 20% will present challenges for the program and the continuation of it. Topic (s) From Functional Knowledge Areas Related to the Issue/Problem/Task OPWDD, Revenue, services, disabilities, communication. Anticipated Managerial Abilities to Develop Planning: consulting the Area Coordinator in order to consider strategies to make up the lost revenue. Systems Thinking: Families are not using services due to the Covid19 pandemic therefore there is a negative effect in our business operations and revenue cycle. Proposed Project Design Plan In order to see where we stand with services, I would like to see how many families are using hours and how many aren’t. Based on the hours being utilize I can create a yearly projection and see how many hours we need to increase in order to maintain the program running. In addition, I. would like search for peer reviewed research and customized the plan based on how other addressed the revenue deficit and what are they doing to continue the business.