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The report should be based on the following article:

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The report should be based on the following article: This report is dedicated to highlight recent publication providing a significant novelty to their research fields. In this context, the main goals of the journal club reports are to deliver a current overview of the scientific background leading to the main hypothesis of the authors prior to organize toward a logical scientific thinking, the relevant aspects of the publication. This can be achieved by extracting the key results with their related experimental approaches. Reports will end with an utmost important section Instructions to the authors: The whole report will be 2 pages long (sections 2-5 corresponding of +/- 5,000 characters but excluding bibliography and front page), one side-typed, written in Time New Roman size 12 pts, and formatted with 1.5 line spacing and justified paragraphs. A maximum of high-quality color figures is allowed. Iconography will be displayed at the end of the document with their respective legends. t. Figure should be carefully designed to highlight the key findings based on state-of-the-art technologies used. The respect of these instructions is mandatory to have your manuscript reviewed and scored. Prompt after submission (send your pdf to, you will received a receipt of submission meaning that your manuscript was free of major flaws otherwise you get a message indicating errors to correct as ASAP prior to resubmit. The report must be organized as follow: 1. Front page (One page): report title, Information on the selected publication, name of the candidate (use student ID number for anonymity) and finally the size of different sections. Size details of the different sections will be also mentioned. An Abstract (about 400 characters) in which the candidates will summarize the general scientific background, the hypothesis and the main results but also speculate on the potential implication of the findings on basic or applied sciences 2. General scientific context. (1,500 characters* max.) This section is dedicated to summarize the key points of the scientific research field. Herein, general audience may find all the historic data and useful reviews to establish the basic knowledge necessary to perfectly understand the importance of the subject and the rationales of the main hypothesis. 3. Presentation of the subject. (300 characters* max.) Following the introductory materials, candidates will expose the current hypothesis of the authors and further articulate the specific aims to answer to the scientific question. 4. Key results and related methods .(1,200 characters* max) According to the specific aims they previously introduced, candidates will briefly expose the key experimental findings in close interactions with their respective technical approaches. The choice of results to be highlighted, their analysis, and the iconography used to deliver the message are some of the most important criteria for evaluation. 5. Critical comments and personal speculations (2000 characters* max.) To conclude their scientific report, candidates will shortly summarize the main findings and the authors’ interpretations. then candidate should propose logical speculation on the importance of the work they decided to comment. 6. Bibliography. (not sized) A maximum of references is allowed.