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This is an assignment in the course “International Political Economy” at undergr

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This is an assignment in the course “International Political Economy” at undergraduate level. I’ve attached 2 .docx: “how to write the exam.docx” which includes the learning objectives for the course and “readings overview.docx” which includes all the readings that are mandatory/recommended. Please note that only the mandatory readings are required to be used. If any on the recommended readings/additional readings are used, we can work out extra pay for the extra work you’ve spend. I could not attach more files to the website, but I have all the readings as PDF files, so when you accept the project I can send it over, instead of you buying access to different websites. There are 4 sources that are mandatory, and then additional sources can be used if seems fit. I have also attached the PowerPoints for the lectures that were about Trade/Finance, which can be used if needed. PLEASE NOTE: The question below is copy pasted from the exam. I have chosen that I will use trade and finance, and therefore the production/governance theory is not necessary. The course is named “International Political Economy” but is focuses on Political Science, but because of the question chosen, there needs to be a understanding for trade/finance, but mainly Political Science. I’ve also copy pasted the guidance rules from the exam below the question. The question you need to answer is: 1. By most accounts China is a rising great power. What are the likely implications of this for one or more specific aspects of the global political economy (i.e. trade, finance, production, governance) over the next thirty years or so? Use appropriate theoretical perspectives and historical comparisons to tackle this question. Guidance (note this guidance does not replace the learning objectives). Essays should: -Include and consistently prosecute an argument. -Demonstrate a good understanding of the topics being discussed and base the analyses on relevant literature/data. -Demonstrate a capacity to apply relevant IPE concepts and theories and to discuss the benefits and limitations of such frameworks. -Be clearly organized and reader friendly. -Guide the reader through a structured and well-written argument. -Come from you. Do try to be yourselves and—strange as this may seem during an exam—try to find the enjoyment and satisfaction in formulating your own analysis of the world. That is what we want to read. Additional: Please write in Times New Roman size 12 with 1.5 in spacing. The essay is maximized to 10 pages. APA is required for citation. Please note a good grades matters a lot to me, I know that the pay required with a high grade is higher than a low grade, but I am sure we can work it out. If there are any questions, please reach out. I will answer ASAP.