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Topic : Elvis is Alive. You must complete a 2,500-word research paper that exami


Topic : Elvis is Alive. You must complete a 2,500-word research paper that examines an urban legend from multiple disciplinary perspectives including 1) history, 2) communication studies, and 3) psychology/social psychology. Your paper must be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman in 12-point font size with one-inch margins on all sides with pages numbered. The “Style Guide for Writing History Papers” can be used to complete this assignment or you may use the citation style customary in your major course of study. Your paper should be well researched, typed, double-spaced with notes (endnotes, footnotes, or in text citations) including pages numbered and a bibliography. Research papers are based on/articulated through a thesis and argumentation. This paper should include a sound thesis with an argument about an urban legend as supported by evidence that should include both primary sources and secondary sources to support your claims. Your secondary sources should be drawn primarily from peer reviewed academic sources such as journal articles or books related to your topic (8 to 10 sources are required). You should do your best to demonstrate originality and critical thinking in your thesis articulation and argument about the subject of your paper. Your paper must contain the following elements: Introduction Thesis articulation (Body paragraphs) Conclusion Notes (footnotes or endnotes) Bibliography Organization and Structure of the Paper Introduction This section of your paper should discuss the main subject of your paper, provide historical context for your topic, discuss major historical questions regarding the matter raised by scholars in secondary sources and clearly state your thesis. Some part of your “Introduction” may also include a brief review of the literature written about your topic and the multiple disciplines used in the paper (history, communication studies, psychology, and social psychology). This section of your paper should essentially be structured to include: State your subject clearly and the major debates regarding the topic. Describe the historical context of your topic (time, place, main players, importance in the study of urban legends). Short overview of sources on the subject (primary and secondary). Thesis statement: Your position on the topic and interpretation of the evidence. Your thesis is not merely your opinion on a subject but rather your position or perspective as informed by the evidence. Thesis Articulation (Paragraphs in the Main Sections of the Paper) Your paper should be organized around the three major disciplines of the course: history, communication studies, and psychology. These sections of your paper are the core of the assignment. Here is where you will try to prove your argument by describing, analyzing, and integrating evidence to support your claims. Your paragraphs should all have sound topic sentences and focused on a clear point you are trying to make about your subject. Your paragraphs with each section should generally contain the following: Topic sentence Context and a connection (of point you are advancing) to sources (primary or secondary) Analysis and argumentation as linked to the evidence and larger thesis that you are trying to advance Conclusion: This section should contain a summary of your main argument and what was proven in your paper. Show some connections that you made in your research here and explain why this matter is important in history. Notes: You should see the “Style Guide for Writing History Papers” on e-campus to construct your notes for this paper. Your paper must have either endnotes or footnotes as historians prove their claims by revealing their sources in the context of the paper, notes, and a bibliography. Bibliography You must include a bibliography with your paper. Your bibliography should include credible peer reviewed sources such as journal articles and books (at least 8 to 10 sources). You may include no more than two popular sources in your total bibliography. Elvis is alive