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U must good at history and give me all correct answer on time. I will provide a

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U must good at history and give me all correct answer on time. I will provide a peer answer to u, u only can look but no copy. When u give me the answer, also provide the Turnitin report. Write everything by urself, no reference no cites.Question 1 totally needs about 450 words. Question 2 needs about 350. This is very very important exam, Any no follows my requirement will result in a refund!!!! My bid is high, please do not bid unless quality is guaranteed1. This question has three parts and you should answer each part in a separate paragraph. The primary source is the Declaration of Independence, which you have read and studied. Paragraph 1. Describe the Declaration as a primary source: author, title, date, specific place of creation (similar to place of publication), type of document (text, photograph, cartoon?), intended audiences.Paragraph 2: Using the text of the Declaration, describe two of its most important purposes. In other words, what are the goals of this document? You should quote short phrases or sentences from the Declaration in support of your points.Paragraph 3: From your own perspective, what is the most effective aspect of the Declaration in terms of persuading colonists to separate from Great Britain? Why is this aspect effective?2. One historian has stated: “The successful revolutionary war marked a key turning point in American history because it led to the creation of a new nation formed as a democratic republic. Therefore, American history from the 1760s to the early 1800s might be considered discontinuous–and clearly separated by a ‘colonial’ period and a ‘new republic’ period.” This historian’s perspective has some merit. However, we should also observe that many essential aspects of colonial society not only continued throughout this time period but perhaps even increased in significance in the new nation. These aspects include:*western expansion by Anglo settlers*Native American dispossession*the institution of slavery*the people’s use of the term “liberty” as a personal and political rationale for their actionsChoose ONE of these aspects and analyze its development from the 1760s (just prior to the revolution) to the early 1800s. Write a three-paragraph essay (approximately 250-400 words) that demonstrates how this aspect continued and evolved during this time period. I offer no specific guidance on the content or direction of your three paragraphs–you get to decide.
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