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Week 3 Announcement from Dr. OPosted on: Friday, December 11, 2020 11:51:54 PM E

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Week 3 Announcement from Dr. OPosted on: Friday, December 11, 2020 11:51:54 PM ESTHi everyone!This is your weekly announcement for Week 3!!Things are moving along nicely. I only have a few items to share this week.Week 3 Discussion Board AssignmentLast Name A-M- Diagnostic Test: Choose One of the following: PSA, Mammogram, or BMILast Name N-Z Health Issues R/T Weight: Choose one of the following: • Overweight 5-year-old black boy with overweight parents who work full-time and the boy spends his time after school with his grandmother• 5-year-old Asian girl of normal weight with obese parents who is home schooledAPA Overall, APA is very good. I am still seeing some errors in citing website references. As promised….here is an example.Center for Disease Control. (2014). National diabetes prevention program. Center for Disease Control. Retrieved from you copy the URL address and place in your browser… will go directly to that page. A frequent error that students make is switching the author and the subject. No need to list the “retrieved” date in your citation either. When in doubt….refer to your APA manual, or the Purdue Writing Center…Scholarly References Many of you are including some very good references in your posts! I know that this is technically not a requirement according to the grading rubric, but I feel that it makes for very good learning. It also helps you utilize the evidence to support your clinical decisions as you move forward into this program. Some of you I have made comments about including more scholarly references in your work. I am not deducting points….just helping you to become better graduate learners! Shadow Health SH assignments start next week. Be sure you have purchased the product and have successfully accessed the program. This week there are two non graded assignments that you should complete: DCE Orientation and the Conversation Concept lab. Be sure to become familiar with how this product works. In Week 4 you will have your first graded SH assignment. In week 4, please look at the DCE rubric. There are two parts to your grade…..the DCE score (which you can repeat as many times as you need to improve your grade), and the documentation grade. These two items will comprise your grade for the assignment. Please contact SH directly with any technical difficulties. I am very pleased with the discussion dialogue. Your posts are comprehensive, and informative. Continue to “challenge” your classmates with further dialogue….this makes for a very dynamic learning experience.Know that all of you are doing a fabulous job!!! Have a great Week 3!Dr. O.
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